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Steal My Vacation: 2 Weeks of Paradise in Bali


STEAL MY VACATION: A Perfect, Two Week Thailand Itinerary


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I bet right now, you are conjuring up images of white sand beaches, misty jungles, and ornate temples. Idyllic, exotic, and beautiful. 

After our recent trip to Bali (jetlag still in full effect as I write this at 4am), I can attest that it is beautiful. 

And also l...


When people started coming to me for travel advice—and then asking outright for my itineraries, I thought it would be fun to start publishing them.  I started with my two-week trip to Thailand and then my northern Italy escape.

I spend hours (and I mean H...


Italy is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists—and with good reason. If you are an art aficionado or history buff, you will find plenty to keep you occupied. And if you are a foodie (or just a lover of food, like me), then you can eat carbs for days. 

While It...


Welcome to my first CVlog (Car Video Blog)! Ok, that's a terrible name--it sounds like you're coughing up something. I'll work on that.

This might sound weird, but I don't usually listen to anything in the car. Yep, I just sit in silence. Go ahead, get your judging...


A lot has happened in the past couple months! Well, to sum it up; we said goodbye to China, moved back to the States, and I have started a new job with a travel startup. So, pretty awesome stuff. My new role is Brand Ambassador for CloudClub. CloudClub specializes in d...


Thailand---the land of exotic jungles, bustling cities, gorgeous temples, and pristine beaches. Y'all, Thailand has stolen my heart. If you love delicious food, endless sunshine, and friendly people, you simply MUST add this country to your bucket list!


Life is about to take a new turn, but it never would have happened without taking little leaps of faith along the way. This is my first (attempt) at a "vlog" (aka "video blog"), so please excuse the wind, background noise, and the errant child playi...


Visit Thailand's vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and jungle on this perfect 14 day itinerary with Thailand travel tips and things to do in Thailand. Plus, I've included my official TripAdvisor reviews so you can make the most out of your vacation. Woohoo!


Between ten and fifteen MILLION people will visit Harbin, China this year—located at 45° North, where temperatures can reach as low as -30 °C. Who are these crazy people and why would they endure the bitter cold? Well, the answer is most of China and for the Harbin Int...


Calling all coffee addicts! If Starbucks is your preferred method  of caffeine ingestion, hop on a plane and head over to Shanghai, where the world's biggest Starbucks just opened. Although I am not a coffee drinker, I knew I had to see the 29,000 square foot, two-...


Since China opened its borders to tourism within the last 50 years, it is still a mystery to many travelers. But for those who travel to the mainland will find Shanghai is a modern city with a generous mix of eastern and western culture. As an expat living in Shanghai,...


The temperature is dropping (along with the air quality) and Christmas is just around the corner. But just because the weather is cooler, doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away your suitcase and retire your passport. There are still plenty of incredible places to visit du...


If you are a planner, a list maker, a worrier, or just want a smooth transition abroad, this comprehensive guide (complete with checklist) should ensure you have your bases covered.


Traveling through China is very different from traveling anywhere else in the world. This should come as no surprise since China only opened its borders to tourism about 50 years ago. 

Our recent trip to Zhangjiajie (also referred to as the Avatar Mountains) was a micro...


We exit the Zhangjiajie airport to a swarm of eager taxi drivers offering their services. After swatting them away, profusely reassuring them we have a ride, we continue to wait an hour for our driver. He finally arrives and greets us by unceremoniously tossing our lug...

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