Moving abroad takes a big leap of faith and comes with a lot of uncertainty. If you are moving abroad, or considering moving abroad, you will find tons of useful information here from our own experiences in our "expat diary" series. Or if you are traveling to China and you want to travel like a local, pick the "like a local" tag!


If you are a planner, a list maker, a worrier, or just want a smooth transition abroad, this comprehensive guide (complete with checklist) should ensure you have your bases covered.


The other night, I was out to dinner with a friend in a semi-familiar part of the city. We parted ways at the metro and I proceeded to text my husband, check my WeChat, and think about plans for the weekend. Simultaneously, I reloaded my metro card, got on the subway,...


If you have visited Asia, you can's just a little different than western culture. Sometimes this deters people from visiting—the language is difficult, the food is…adventurous, and using public restrooms feels like you are camping. But while living...


Here’s a little personal detail about me—I love budgeting. For all of my wanderlust and carpe diem-ness™, I love the peace that comes from planning for the future. Budgeting (and a lot of Ramen noodles) was how I paid off $15k worth of student loans in less than two ye...


Twice a year in the United States, in the middle of the night, clocks across the nation change by one hour. And you all know what happens-----people lose. their. minds. Babies don't nap, adults are fatigued, meetings (or flights) are missed, and you just feel kind of "...


There were a lot of things I was excited about when we decided to move to China----learning about a new culture, stretching our comfort zone, discovering new places…but unequivocally one of the things I was most excited about was getting tailor-made clothing at the Bun...


Y'all, I have finally started teaching my own classes with Disney English in Shanghai. Read on to learn about a day in the life of a Foreign Teacher in China!


One of city-life's greatest benefits is your proximity to a plethora of delicious food. And living in a foreign city opens up an even wider array of options (scorpions, anyone?)(Duck feet?) (Hundred year old egg?) (Intestines?). While trying new and exotic fo...


Culture Shock in Beijing

It's amazing the number of emotions you experience when you move to a new country. For the most part, I think I was in a blissful denial leading up to the whole event. I imagined there would be some cathartic moment when I suddenly realized---"O...


Y’all, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks leading up to our China departure! Andrew and I crashed with friends and family for the better part of a month since we FINALLY got renters (who are awesome, btw) and made the most of our time off of work. It kind of felt lik...

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