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About CaitBPhotography

Cherish Every Moment

Someone once asked me: “If you could have a ‘personal’ (fill in the blank here), what would they be?” Some folks answered: a personal chef, personal trainer, personal errand-runner—but I wanted a personal photographer. Because how often do we miss out on the most special moments of our lives because we were too busy taking photos?


Before I started CaitBPhotography, I was the friend with the nice camera who was happy to take my friends’ holiday portraits, capture some photos at their kids’ birthdays, or snap their professional headshots.  What I soon realized was that while everyone wants nice photos, they don’t always want to spend hundreds of dollars on them. So I created my business with the mindset that everyone should have beautiful pictures of their most important memories—without having to pay an arm and a leg.


These days, I am a little more than just the friend with a nice camera—I have the camera plus a couple of lenses, filters, editing software, and the eye to take a good photo. And I love capturing memories for my extended group of new friends, which I hope might include some of you! I might not have all the bells and whistles as some other photography studios, but I promise you portrait sessions that are fun and stress-free, prices that are affordable, and stunning photographs of the people you love most.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any photography needs. If you would like to follow our journeys around the globe, feel free to check out our blog! 

Wishing you love, happiness, and a lifetime of memories,

-Cait B. 

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Birthdays, family photos, headshots--I can help you capture all the moments that make up the most important parts of your life.

Family portraits and headshots start at $100 for a 45-60 minute session. Selected photos are edited and delivered to you via a secure gallery.

Events lasting between 1-2 hours start at $150, 2-3 hours for $225. You will typically receive as many photos as possible from the event, with light editing on almost every photo.  Your photos will be delivered to you via a secure gallery.


My style is low-key, fun, and tailored to what you need--so feel free to ask any questions!

Real Estate

Moving can be both an exciting life chapter and a daunting logistical challenge. Professional photographs showcase your home in its best light to potential buyers. 


Sessions cost $75 and typically last for an hour. You will receive up to 15 beautifully edited photos delivered to you via a secure photo gallery. 

World Beauty

Traveling the world in search of natural beauty is my greatest photography inspiration. Whether it is in the fjords of New Zealand, the savannah of Africa, or the glaciers of Iceland, I hope to inspire others to discover the world and conserve it for future generations.


In the future, I hope to offer photographs for sale, with proceeds going towards a conservation organization. Check back soon!

Want to inquire about a service not listed above? Feel free to reach out!

Capture the Moment


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