• Cait

Steal My Vacation: Morocco Highlights in 8 Days

Woohoo! Welcome to my latest and greatest #StealMyVacation post! If you didn’t know this about me, I spend a LOT of time planning my trips from scratch, and I usually get asked for my itineraries. So, I started this series with my trip to #Thailand, then followed up with #Italy and #Indonesia.

This time, I will be taking you to sunny #Morocco on my favorite continent of Africa. This #itinerary is a little different because I did not do this on my own. Adnan, director of Treasures of Tangiers, was recommended to us by a friend and really made this trip special. In this itinerary, I will outline our activities, lodging, and route—much of which you can replicate yourself. But many of the special, authentic moments were compliments of Adnan, who is also incredibly knowledgeable of his home country.

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Where possible, I will give you details to help you plan your own trip, but I will also call out which experiences were made possible only by Adnan. It is totally up to you which you prefer—and I think there is value to either option!