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Cait & Nathaniel do Turkey: Ridiculous Travel Videos Edition

Updated: Nov 11

You may not know, but my travel buddy #NathanielPalma and I made a mostly-neglected YouTube channel to store our ridiculous videos for posterity. If you follow either of us on Instagram (@caitoutdoors or @nathpalma), you can see a lot of our adventures on our highlights. But, if you want to see a few of them, I've compiled them here! It's probably pretty obvious that we like to laugh a lot.

Have a wonderful holiday!

An intro to our cave suite in Cappadocia--which just has onnnnne small problem:

In case you missed my Moroccan Hammam experience, we thought it would be a good idea to do another one:

So, this guy...asked if we wanted a photo in front of our deflating hot air balloon...and instead we decided to take matters into our own hands:

We thought we would film something similar to a travel show, but then things got out of hand...

Thanks for following along on our adventures! We are already planning our shenanigans for 2020 and 2021! Stay tuned!

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