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Six Sustainable Travel Items for Your Next Trip

Originally posted on We Are Travel Girls. Read the full article here.

If you’ve spent any time traveling, you know two things. Our planet is a beautiful place worth preserving – and that it’s drowning in plastic.

A recent trip to Bali really opened my eyes to the impact of waste. So many of the beautiful countries we jet off to rely on our tourism dollars for their economy, but may not have the infrastructure to handle all the garbage manufactured by tourists and industrialized nations. Sustainability is a cause I am passionate about. I’ve found myself dedicating more time to living a sustainable life, encouraging others to pursue mindfulness when making decisions.

If you are a traveler, I want to encourage you to lead the movement for sustainable living. It is everyone’s responsibility, but as explorers, we have seen firsthand the beauty of the planet we’ve inherited. Below is a (by no means exhaustive!) round-up of sustainable items to consider packing for your next trip. Hopefully, this will help lessen your footprint during your next adventure! Continue reading here.

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