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9 Photos that will Convince You to Visit Morocco--Immediately

Though I’m an amateur, photography is one of my favorite hobbies. While I always enjoy the moment, #photography has the ability to capture a moment forever. Plus, it encourages you to look at the world a little differently, which sometimes means you notice details in a way you never have before.

Regardless, #Morocco was a photographer’s dream. And since we had a guide with us (Adnan from Treasures of Tangiers), I actually had the chance to be in some of the pictures! Woohoo!

After posting our photos to our Instagram stories during our trip, we received a lot of feedback. And most folks mentioned that they had never considered Morocco as a destination on their bucket list, but after seeing the photos, had completely changed their mind.

Since I LOVED Morocco, I wanted to share some of these photos. Hopefully it inspires you to go somewhere different!


Oranges are everywhere in Morocco. Well, and dates and olives as well--but they aren't as pretty. During our drive to Merzouga, we stopped at a local town during a weekend market. Sure, there were goat heads hanging from rafters, but there were also farmers with trucks filled with fruits, practically spilling out into the streets. As we passed, one man threw an orange our way and it was the sweetest orange I've ever tasted!

Since Nathaniel and I are both big Disney fans, we recognized this famous mosque right away, since it is featured prominently in the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot. This is the Koutoubia Mosque near the night market in #Marrakech. As tourists, we weren't permitted inside any of the mosques in Morocco, but we were grateful for the chance to see these beautiful buildings from the outside.

These lamps are hand crafted in Morocco and are absolutely enchanting! You can see merchants selling them everywhere in the souks. I always asked permission before taking a photo in a shop and provided a tip if I wasn't planning on purchasing anything. I did buy a lamp, but I bought it from a verified artisan on the recommendation of Adnan, our amazing guide from Treasures of Tangiers.

Fes is considered the cultural capital of Morocco and it is home to hundreds of artisans.Walking through the old Medina, we saw artists bejeweling horse saddles, weaving agave silk, carving wooden chairs, and creating ceramic tiles. Adnan took us to a ceramic co-op, where we met the apprentices while they plied their trade. The dishes, tajines, and tiled tables were works of art! Watch the artisans at work and pick up some beautiful ceramic pieces to take home!

Rugs are an art form in Morocco. These pain-stakingly hand woven treasures are passed down from generations. All the dyes are organic--chemicals in fabric or food are forbidden. Poppy flowers make up the rich reds, cobalt for the blues, saffron for yellow. The owner of this rug co-op was amazing! He was so proud of the craftsmanship and was thrilled to meet Americans (he had studied in the States). His team showed us many of the rugs and insisted we test them all out.

If I haven't said it enough, the mosques are absolutely gorgeous. This was our view from the rooftop (we only eat on rooftops, now) of Cafe Clock in Fes.

Ok, so I couldn't do just one photo of Chefchaouen. This mesmerizing blue city is in northern Morocco--a couple hour drive from Fes. This was one of the reasons I wanted to visit Morocco and it didn't disappoint! There are many theories why the city is painted blue--it keeps mosquitos away, Jewish communities painted it blue to represent the sky, or to attract tourists. The little town can be visited in a day.

Chefchaouen was one reason why I wanted to visit Morocco--the other one? The #Sahara ! This desert was BREATH TAKING! I swear, the sand had a personality of its own. The shapes made by the wind, the colors made by the sun...I couldn't get enough of it. We spent two nights in the desert to get the most out of our experience.

Morocco is more than just busy medinas and vast deserts. It is geologically diverse--in one day, we went from desert, through cedar forests, olive groves, to mediterranean climate. Just a little outside Chefchaouen, we hiked through a river in a canyon to The Bridge of the Gods.


I could probably go on with dozens of other photos, but I think this should be sufficient to convince you that Morocco is a beautiful country. So grab your camera and your passport and book your next trip to this incredible destination!

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