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10 Must See Photos: Ancient Zhouzhuang Water Town

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

10 Must See Photos: Zhouzhuang Water Town

Located just a short two hour bus ride from the city hustle and bustle in modern Shanghai, you can be transported back in time to one of China's most ancient water towns. According to Smithsonian online, Shanghai is one corner of a triangle called the "Venice of the East", which encompasses a number of local towns comprised of canals and centuries of history. Read on to get a glimpse of our recent visit to Zhouzhuang and you might be inspired to visit yourself!

Milou Tower

This gorgeous tower welcomes visitors to the entrance on the Southwest corner of this ancient town. If you ignore the copious trinket shops lining the streets, you might feel as though you are stepping into the past.


The canals connecting the streets serve as a highway in their own right! We splurged on a boat ride (150RMB for a boat to ourselves---or the equivalent of about $20USD) and enjoyed the slow ride through the town. For an additional 30RMB, your p