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10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Cuba Right. Now.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Photos of Cuba Cait Without Borders

You've heard it before--a visit to Cuba right now is like a step back in time. And it's true; the cobblestone streets, vintage cars, and crumbling facades of once grand buildings will transport you back a century . But with the country opening up to tourism like never before, Cuba has become the new "it" destination--and the past has mixed with the present to produce a vibrant new era. The streets are alive with music every evening, posh restaurants serve delicious cuisine on rooftop terraces, and money has begun pouring into new infrastructure (at least in the tourist districts). These 10 photos of Cuba will have you packing your bags and grabbing your passport in no time.

Eclectic Architecture

Cuba has become a mish-mosh of architecture from multiple historical periods and cultures. If you are an architecture-enthusiast, you will simply love walking through the streets and getting lost in history. If you are a photographer like me, you will just continually stop your party every five seconds to take pictures of every brightly colored wall and weathered looking sign.

Just loved the colors of all the buildings!

Russian Orthodox Church

The Havana Cathedral

Vintage Cars

I wouldn't consider myself a car aficionado or even a car enthusiast, but the cars in Havana are beautiful! Mostly 1950s Chevys in a bevy of bright colors, these vehicles have been meticulously maintained primarily for the use of tourism. For an hour ride, the cost is typically $40-$50 CUC--and well worth it!


Every evening, live music can be heard from the windows of restaurants overhead, or spilling out into the streets in the historic squares. Rum is, unsurprisingly, prolific in Cuba and most drinks only cost around $3 CUC (the equivalent of $3USD).

Havana Club rum is one of the best selling rums in the world and you can enjoy a number of rum-based beverages at the Havana Club Bar.

La Vitrola comes highly recommended for delicious food, drinks, and excellent live music.

Cuban Culture

Cuba may be on the precipice of a new era, but at its core it is still built upon the industrious and warm people who make Cuba a fantastic place to visit. The atmosphere is laid back, the streets bustle with people, and you can get lost in the beauty and history of the country. So relax, slow down, and enjoy the Cuban way of life.


Are you inspired to visit Cuba? Stay tuned for my How to Visit Cuba Guide! Until then, feel free to visit my Cuba photo album for more pictures. Did you enjoy this post? Share the love! Pin it!

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