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6 Ways To Do a Disney Cruise Like an Adult

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

After almost two weeks living in a campervan at the bottom of the world (for tales of our adventures and misadventures, see my Patagonia blog posts), a relaxing cruise to the Bahamas seemed like the appropriate course of action—especially since I discovered that easy-going Andrew’s tipping point for adventure is twelve days without a proper shower (or maybe even less). Therefore, almost immediately upon arrival in the U.S., we booked ourselves a four-night cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, setting sail less than two weeks later.

A lot of people (without kids) scoff at that thought of taking a Disney cruise—what could there possibly be for adults to do? On my previous Disney cruises, I have been known to rush from activity to activity, trying to do everything humanly possible. But it can also be a relaxing experience. And, my fellow adventurers, sometimes during your travels you need to switch gears and take things at a more leisurely, less manic pace. For Andrew’s sake.

Here are six ways you can enjoy the magic of Disney as an adult.

Study Hard at a Mixology Class

Encouraged by our good friends, we paid about $20 a person for a Mixology class in the adults-only Cadillac Lounge. After five delicious drinks (where they did not skimp on the alcohol!), we felt we had made an excellent choice. Where else can you get that kind of value? Buy a $12 margarita at a restaurant or spend $20 for 5 delicious, hand crafted cocktails? Sign me up for the next cruise!

Indulge at Palo Brunch

While we have dined at Palo for dinner, we had not had Palo Brunch, which is offered on cruises of 4 nights or more. Palo Brunch would be the prime occasion to enact my dream super power (eating whatever I want without ever becoming full or gaining weight, obviously). There was just so. much. food. And it was all so delicious. Honestly, I could have spent the entire meal at the cheese and bread table. But then there was seafood and charcuterie and pastries and desserts—and that was before you even sat down! Upon taking our seats, we clinked glasses of sparkling mimosas and selected individual entrées from a FULL MENU! So, obviously, we shared two wood fired pizzas (including the popular, though no longer listed, blue cheese and grape pizza) and each ordered our own entrée. I honestly don’t remember how I walked back to our stateroom, but I do remember that I totally passed out. Food coma.

Check out the deliciousness above!

Get a Little Crazy at Señor Frogs

Having lived in Florida almost seven years now, we have been to the Bahamas almost as many times as we have been to the movies. The port of Nassau is a tchotchke paradise with hawkers lining the street, so we don’t typically disembark. However, in the spirit of being touristy, we decided to take a jaunt to the mecca of touristy restaurants, Señor Frogs, for an obligatory (and to be honest, pretty weak) shot. It was a fun crowd, a beautiful day, and there was great music. We probably stayed for all of 20 minutes before heading back to the ship. But on our way back, I saw a beautiful display of conch shells across the street. I dashed over, and was almost hit by a car but it was worth it to snap a photo. It ended up being one of my favorites from the trip—which just goes to show that you can find authenticity and beauty even when you aren't expecting it.

Sip on Conch Coolers at Castaway Cay

Do you enjoy refreshing pineapple and coconut blended together in a creamy ice-cold beverage, topped off with a rum floater? Conch coolers are one of the tastiest drinks I have ever tasted and I do not know why I have been to Castaway Cay so many times without trying one! One of the bars serving Conch Coolers is located right on the white sand beach. So grab one (served in a hollowed-out pineapple, if that’s your thing) and sip on island deliciousness while you gaze out at the crystal blue ocean.

At Castaway Cay, you must try the conch coolers! How have I never known about these pineapple-y, rum-y beverages from heaven?

Detox and Relax Like an Islander

So I know it appears that our entire trip centered on eating and drinking—but Andrew and I do enjoy staying active between our bouts of eating and drinking. Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, is usually reserved for lounging by the ocean and drinking cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them (which, for the record, we did as well). But we seized the opportunity to participate in the Castaway 5k race and Sunrise Yoga on the beach. Both were a lot of fun and prepared us for another day of eating—as you do while on a cruise.

Listening to the soothing waves during yoga was an incredibly relaxing experience at the adults-only beach at Castaway Cay.

Enjoy Some Alone Time

Pirate Night on a Disney ship is a lot of fun—there is a pirate deck party, character meet and greets, and the only fireworks show at sea. However, instead of joining the masses this time around, Andrew and I meandered to the adult-only pool area at the back of the ship (with ice cream cones, of course) (two for me) and took our spot in the completely empty hottub. From there, we were able to view the fireworks all alone and toast to another enjoyable adventure.

Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Keep an eye out for more travel guides!

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