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  • Cait B.

VIDEO: Hiking the Wild Great Wall

Well before we ever arrived in China, I started madly researching everything I wanted to see and do (is anyone surprised?). So when we discovered we had a WHOLE DAY OFF during our training week in Beijing, I was already the girl with a plan. We were going to see the Great Wall of China. And, since you all know me by now, a regular ol' easy trip to the wall in a chairlift was not the kind of adventure I was looking for. Obviously, I needed a five mile hike with steep climbs, perilous pitches, and lots of sweating---you know, the kind of thing that leaves you sore (and maybe questioning your sanity) but utterly hyped. Watch some of the highlights of our amazing day on the unrestored (and seriously, y'all, pretty much empty) Great Wall of China!

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