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How to Make the Most of Your Networking Session

Networking can be intimidating, and when you finally have the opportunity to meet with a professional in your industry to glean some insights, are you making the most of your meeting?

During Covid-19, a lot of professionals are trying to expand their networking circle in preparation for the future. Since I have participated in both sides of 1-on-1 meet and greets (as we call them at Disney), there are a few factors that will help you have a better quality conversation and leave a lasting impression.

As I'm about to head out on maternity leave, I wanted to provide a last video before my temporary hiatus. So with that in mind, please forgive the wonky lighting and the minimal editing--I had to film this in just two takes and edit it quickly to get it scheduled before delivery! And I think I made it right under the wire since I am writing this during early labor.

Please feel free to share on Pinterest, connect on LinkedIn, or follow me on Instagram. I hope these resources have been helpful!

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