• Cait

A Beginner's Guide to Create a Personal Brand

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

After serving as a brand ambassador for two different companies, one of the most common questions professionals ask is how to create a personal brand.

Branding is a marketing term, and it’s a sign of the professional environment today that we need to learn how to market our biggest asset—ourselves!

Just like any major company knows, this takes time and purposeful curation. And it can seem overwhelming when you are starting on your professional journey.

While it may sound like it’s easy to figure out your personal brand (it is YOU, after all), it isn’t. It takes time, purpose, and a lot of trial and error. Give yourself grace, room to grow, and get started with these tips.

Below is a quick video overview to help you get started creating a personal brand. If you would like more in-depth action items (there's only so deep I can go in 3-minute