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VIDEO: Testing Our Limits: Hiking Patagonia

Patagonia provides some of the most incredible hiking in the world. Between Argentina and Chile, we put in hundreds of miles in our campervan, in addition to dozens of miles on foot.

Our first major hike was in Torres del Paine on part of the "W" trek. We naively thought we could do the hike in an afternoon, until someone explained that it was about 10 kilometers each way, with the final kilometer going almost vertical along rocks exposed to the Patagonian Wind. When we asked how long it might take, they approximated nine hours!

Undeterred, we decided to camp for the evening at the base camp and attempt the climb the next day. Full disclosure: we are not experienced trekkers. In fact, we have never done a hike of this length or magnitude before and I didn't know what to expect. But what is an adventure without testing your limits?

The next morning, we packed some food and water, layered up, and struck out for the unknown. Below is a video compilation of not only our Torres hike, but hikes to El Fitzroy in Argentina, a waterfall in El Chalten, and our glacier hike at Perito Moreno.

Want the best viewing experience? Make sure to select HD on the video settings!

Our trek back down the mountain was almost as difficult as going up (especially on the knees!), and when we finally arrived back at camp, we immediately collapsed on the ground. Our legs were burning and we stretched and did yoga for almost an hour right on the grass. Afterwards, we sat and watched other trekkers arrive back to camp, some of them just completing a multi-day trek through Torres del Paine. The sense of accomplishment and euphoria we felt was incredible and we both agreed that hiking is something we would like to do more. There is something about the physical and mental exertion that propels you to go farther than you believed you were capable of---and this rush of euphoria is only magnified when you are with someone you love.

Our "easy" hike to Condor Mirador across from our campsite in Torres del Paine. It was just an hour to the top, but it was STEEP and windy.

But, as you can see, it was worth it!

During the hike to el Torres, we crossed many beautiful (and somewhat shaky) bridges.

That's one steep ascent!

But, see? All worth it!

Our glacier trek wasn't strenuous, but walking in those crampons without falling over was a challenge!

A nice, easy hike to this pretty waterfall in El Chalten.

During our four hour hike to the base of Mt. Fitzroy, we went off the trail and found this tranquil, beautiful scene. This was my favorite spot of our entire trip.


We absolutely loved hiking together in Patagonia! This trip was challenging, but absolutely beautiful. Now I think we will have to return to Iceland and New Zealand to complete some epic hikes we missed the first time around! Thanks for joining us on our journey to the bottom of the world.

After roughing it for 12 days in cold Patagonia, it was time for some R&R. Look for our next post about our cruise aboard the Disney Wonder!

For more photos from Patagonia, check out the album on my Travel Photography page!

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