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Hers & His


Hey again, everybody! I guess you should also know that in addition to everything I mentioned in the official about section, I am also one half of a pretty fantastic team. We are Cait and Andrew, an adventurous, traveling couple. Well, actually, we are one half adventurer and one half reluctant traveler (and I’ll let you guess who is who!). We spent the past year living abroad in China. We have now returned to the United States, but still try to find the adventure in every day (and travel as much as possible in between).


Traveling has been in my soul since I was young! In fact, you can read all about why I travel in my very first blog post. My favorite places are wild and naturally beautiful—Iceland and Africa have been two of my favorite trips so far! Budget travel, hiking, thrills, photography, and fitness/yoga are my travel must-haves. And if delicious cocktails happen to be involved, I wouldn’t be too sad about that, either.



While Andrew is adventurous and active, I do call him my reluctant traveler. He enjoys creature comforts and taking it easy while on vacation. He does love animals—making Africa one of his favorite trips as well (we agree on that, at least!) and he prefers luxury travel—which means our honeymoon to Costa Rica is high on his list to do again. Andrew enjoys the finer things in life meaning all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and leisure vacations are his MO. He also enjoys any kind of sport, craft beers, and music festivals. Every now and then, he deigns to offer his perspective on the blog—so follow his tag to read his tongue-in-cheek accounts!

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